New scanner ensures quality, while saving time

  • 2.15.19

A little machine will save Parkway Products big money in labor, production time and material costs. At the end of 2018, Parkway’s Littlestar Technology Center added a CT scanner to its growing number of machines that are used to perfect quality. The machine allows operators to test parts that have been injection molded and get […]

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High Performance Plastics

  • 10.19.18

At Littlestar, we work with a vast array of plastics, but we specialize in molding and machining performance plastics. These are not your typical lunch boxes, plastic bottles and toys. Performance polymers such as polyamide-imide and polyetheretherketone are used in specialized situations for instance when performing in extreme temperatures, resistance to wear, or tolerance to chemicals is critical.

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Manufacturing at Littlestar Plastics

  • 9.30.18

Littlestar Invests in Markforged X7 3D Printer

  • 6.06.18

Our investment in the Markforged X7 3D printer is just one of the ways we deliver the best possible quality at the best possible price.

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Polimotor 2

  • 4.05.18

In the world of polymers, Matti Holtzberg is a legend – and Littlestar Plastics is honored to be a part of his latest push to bring the automotive industry into the 21st century.

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Littlestar Adds 360 Ton Barrel Capacity Press

  • 3.08.18

Like most companies, we carefully plan capital purchases at Littlestar Plastics. One consideration in that planning process is the voice of our customers. When they recommend an investment that will lead to additional opportunities, we are not afraid to act.

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UTC Supplier Gold

  • 2.06.18

In January, we were honored to welcome United Technologies Corporation to Littlestar to officially receive UTC Supplier Gold status.

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Carey Priest Joins the Littlestar Team

  • 1.26.18

Carey Priest joined Littlestar Plastics in late 2017 after a nearly 40-year career that started with Amoco Chemical when the company was at the forefront of developing such polymers as Torlon.

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Littlestar Plastics Earns Rare Supplier Recognition

  • 12.29.17

MACHESNEY PARK — Littlestar Plastics, which has been designing and manufacturing plastic parts and components by machining and injection-molding for 26 years, has been lauded by United Technologies Corp. for its dedication to quality.

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Littlestar Buys Image Dimension Measuring Systems

  • 11.16.17

To remain in business for more than 25 years making components for industries such as aerospace and food production, quality has to be a top priority.

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