Littlestar Plastics Reduces Waste and Cuts Costs for Customers

Companies choose Littlestar Plastics for many reasons. Some choose Littlestar because we can produce functional prototypes used to develop revolutionary new aircraft components. Others choose Littlestar because we can machine components out of high performance polymers like Torlon and Glass Filled PEEK (GF PEEK) that were only previously possible with heavier and more costly metals. But, companies return to Littlestar because of our relentless focus on helping them exceed their goals.

Whether trying to produce an assembly for a food service machine that is easy to clean, molding an electrical insulator that will protect a tiny but critical flight control, or bringing down the cost and weight of a medical device, our customers trust us to help solve their most important problems.

One recent example involved a great new (but classified) part for an aerospace company. The component we were asked to produce needed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, be resistant to impact, and be 0.040” thick. Additionally, the part had a very complex geometry, requiring the use of our most sophisticated true 5-axis machining equipment. Given the dimensions of the component, we started with a 4.8 lb block of raw GF PEEK, but machined it down to a 0.10 lb component. The resulting parts functioned perfectly and the customer was ecstatic.

Despite delivering a component that met our client’s objectives, at the quoted price, and within their constrained lead time, we didn’t stop there. The engineers at Littlestar developed a plan to mold the part utilizing our state-of-the-art molding equipment. Our new proposal reduced the amount of raw GF PEEK required per component from 4.8 lbs to 0.144 lbs, a 97% reduction, without changing the performance specifications of the part. This improvement allowed us to significantly reduce the cost per part both monetarily and environmentally by eliminating the waste of the machining process.

By taking advantage of Littlestar Plastic’s unique ability to prototype, machine, and mold high tolerance components in the same facility, you can rest assured that Littlestar’s goal is to help produce the parts you need in the most efficient way possible throughout the product lifecycle. To talk with an application engineer about your needs, contact us today.