AS9100 Supplier Terms and Conditions

Suppliers are required to maintain a quality control program that assures all supplies, processes, and services furnished conform to contractual requirements. Parkway prefers that suppliers have a Quality Management System that conforms to the most recent revision of AS9100. In some cases, a QMS compliant to ISO 9001 or Nadcap will be acceptable. A supplier that does not have a QMS that is compliant to AS9100 or ISO 9001 will be placed on conditional approval status pending an evaluation of the quality system currently in place. Suppliers of special processes are required to be NADCAP accredited. Suppliers shall require direct and lower-tier suppliers to comply with quality assurance requirements comparable to those contained in these terms and conditions and on any Purchase Order. Supplier assumes responsibility for the quality of all procured material and workmanship.

Our organization reserves the right to final approval of products, services, methods, processes, equipment and release of products and services.

All special processes must be performed by competent persons.

Communications should be handled through the buyer listed on the Purchase Order.

Our organization reserves the right to control and monitor quality and delivery performance. Failure of a supplier to implement effective corrective actions can result in additional controls over the supplied product or the supplier, including, but not limited to; charge-backs, or additional inventory levels. If these controls are not effective, it can result in the supplier becoming unapproved.

Our organization, or our customers reserve the right to perform verification or validation activities at the supplier's facilities.

Our organization reserves the right to approve or specify any design and development control, special requirements, critical items or key characteristics.

Our organization reserves the right to designate requirements for test, inspection and verification (including production process verification), including the use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by the organization.

Supplier is required to:

  1. use customer approved external providers, including special process sources,
  2. notify Parkway within 24 hours of non-conforming processes, products or services and obtain approval for their disposition,
  3. have a program to prevent the use of counterfeit parts as appropriated to the organization and product
  4. notify Parkway of changes to processes, products or services, including changes of external providers or location of manufacture and obtain Parkway’s approval,
  5. flow down to external providers any applicable requirements including customer requirements
  6. provide test specimens for design and development approval, inspection/verification, investigation or auditing,
  7. supplier shall contact Parkway Products prior to the disposition of quality records for disposition instructions. Calibration records must be retained for 10(ten) years from completion of purchase order.

Our organization reserves the right of access by our representative, our customers, and any regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and to applicable documentation.

Items on purchase orders that pertain to Collins Aerospace (UTC/UTAS (legacy Hamilton Sundstrand)), Collins Aerospace (UTC/UTAS) terms and conditions and flow down requirements apply to suppliers and all members of their supply chain and can be found at These include but are not limited to: ASQR-01, HSM17, HSM19, ASQR-20.1, first articles to AS9102, counterfeit material plan, code of conduct and ethics, etc. The supplier is required to have the current revision of all material and/or process specifications and any other specifications listed on the Collins Aerospace (UTAS (Hamilton Sundstrand)) drawing.

If this is a rated order certified for national defense use, then you are required to follow all the provisions of the Defense Priorities and Allocations Systems regulations (15 CFR Part 700). The Priority Rating (Rating symbol (DX or DO) + Program ID) will be listed on the Purchase Order line item.

Parkway’s suppliers are a critical part of our success. To supply top quality products and services responsibly, we understand and expect our suppliers will have an internal code of ethics and business conduct, best practices for enhancing product safety, and will maintain compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to your operation of business.

If you have any questions regarding these specifications and requirements, assistance is available. Contact Parkway Products before proceeding with this order.