What's Possible with PEEK?


PEEK or Polyetheretherketone is a semi-crystalline organic polymer thermoplastic with a highly stable chemical structure, which gives it a pronounced advantage over other materials.

  • PEEK retains resistance in a wide range of chemical environments, including high temperatures. PEEK can only be dissolved in concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid.
  • PEEK is a hard, stiff and strong polymer that displays good friction over a long lifetime.
  • PEEK is water resistant. It can be exposed to high pressure water and steam for long periods without showing any serious degradation.

PEEK is ideal for industries with extreme needs, such as:

  • Aerospace: PEEK is ideal for the extreme conditions you find in aerospace, including low temperatures and atmospheric particles.
  • Healthcare: PEEK is flexible, durable and strong and does not harm the body or skin, making it incredibly useful to repair soft tissues and grafts. It also is perfect for such machines as a dialysis pump filter, where the material has to stand up to both extremes of cold and heat while having a low moisture absorption.
  • Food and beverage: Foods and feeds are dried in temperatures approaching 375˚ Fahrenheit, making PEEK and its high temperature resistance perfect.
  • Chemical and pharmaceuticals: Medical equipment needs to be cleaned at temperatures reaching up to 300˚ Fahrenheit. PEEK has the heat resistance to stand up, making it perfect for such things as centrifuges and disc filters.