It's been our pleasure

More often than not, we can't talk about the projects we work on or companies we work with.

However, we can tell you that in the last 25 years we have invented and produced solutions to problems no other plastics company has the resources or technology to design, create, or assemble. We bridge the gap between prototyping and production by working with our customers to invent and manufacture critical answers in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Food Service, Defence, Industrial, Semiconductor, Fuel Cell, Electrical Distribution, and Fiber Optics industries.

Principle Engineer, CMfgE
International Aerospace Company

"I've had the pleasure of working with Littlestar for several years and during that time I've been very impressed with their attitude and technical expertise. My position requires that I serve as the technical interface between our design group and outside suppliers. I've found that the people at Littlestar have a solid understanding of engineering and manufacturing principles which make my job a lot easier. Machining of plastics is a very different animal than that of machining metals – part distortion can be much worse and it takes an experienced supplier to know how to fixture/hold parts and develop a sequence of machining operations to produce parts to spec – Littlestar has this down solid. They have also been coming on strong for us in molding. We've recently given them orders on a couple of fairly complex Torlon parts which they have handled without a hitch. In fact we have been so impressed with their performance and commitment that we are in the process of transferring work to them from our other suppliers. Many suppliers don't have a good grasp of Geometric Tolerances and Inspection but this is another of Littlestar's strengths. Over the years we've given Littlestar some real challenges – difficult geometry, tight tolerances, short lead times, etc, and I can't think of a time when they didn't come through for us. I would have no apprehension in recommending them to anyone for the molding and machining of plastic parts."

Principal Plastics and Composites Material Engineer
International Aerospace Company

"I am a Principal Plastics and Composites Material Engineer for a major OEM aerospace company. I have worked with Littlestar Plastics for over 6 years in the field of thermoplastic material selection, tool design, molding, machining and quality control. Littlestar Plastics impress me with their materials knowledge, technical capability, attention to detail, ability to produce complicated geometries, and willingness plus positive attitude to work through issues in a teaming environment to give my company the very best product at the right price. I strongly recommend Littlestar Plastics as a partner for producing plastic parts, molded or machined."

Senior Design Engineer
International Equipment Manufacturer

"Littlestar Plastics has been of tremendous help to our design engineers. They have proven over many years that their machining expertise, in the plastics field, is beyond comparison. We have challenged them with various off-the-wall designs and they have consistently responded with solutions that others had decided not to tackle. Consequently our company has been able to bring cost effective innovation to our products. Their input goes well beyond just supplying us with parts."

Director of Purchasing
International Equipment Manufacturer

"Littlestar has been a key supplier for over 16 years. They are currently, and have been for some time, a Certified Supplier. Phil Preston and his team are good problem solvers and continuously take the extra step to satisfy the customer."