Take it from the top

Parkway Products is committed to continual improvement of our products and services to meet customer requirements

In 2019 Parkway Products joined forces with Littlestar Plastics creating our eighth North American operating facility.

27 years ago, Littlestar Plastics started out by achieving what other companies couldn't, and we continue to do so.

Littlestar began in 1991 as a machine shop and transitioned into plastics simply because of an opportunity that presented itself. One of our customers needed a plastic part machined on a deadline but no plastics company would commit to the timeline. We took on the job and delivered on time.

Littlestar grew into an operation with 20 CNC mills, including four-axis and five-axis vertical mills with 120 tools, live-spindle turning and subspindle Y-axis lathes. We offer plastics fabricating, machining, and injection molding. Our material expertise ranges from economic plastics like Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) to the highest-performance thermoplastics like Torlon and Ultem.

Our organization “came of age” producing high-tolerance parts and components for the aerospace industry. Providing parts for wide-body airliners and small regional jets. Today our components are found on every airplane produced in the western hemisphere.

In the mid-1990s, Littlestar took on our first project for the food-service industry. We created an injection pump for ice cream machines that reduced operating-maintenance labor by more than 85%, a massive savings for our customer. Littlestar now develops parts and components for machines found in every major food chain.

Because of its strength, resistance to wear and cost savings, more and more companies are looking to plastics as a solution to make machines more durable at a lower cost. Littlestar produces components for motorcycles, tractors, snowmobiles, and utility vehicles. The possibilities with plastics are increasing every day in industries such as: fuel cells, medical devices, and industrial.

If your organization has a need that other manufacturers say is impossible to address, contact Parkway and Discover What's Possible With Plastics.